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SMOOVE: Multitrack Reworks Vol. 4 (Vinyl 12″)

Smoove gets, well, smooth, once again with the latest in his run of slick soul-disco-boogie-80s funk edits Multitrack Reworks now up to Vol. 4. And the two sides of this gold hand-stamped white label 12″ affair are occupied by tracks simply named Live and Egypt. Contemplate those for a while and at some point during the first 30 seconds of each you might twig that the former is what happens when our man gets his hands on a certain boogie funk single off the ‘Queen Of Funk’s early 80s LP What Cha Gonna Do For Me while the latter is the result of his getting busy with a certain Dexter Wansel-penned cut for The Jones Girls. Did somebody say ‘ladies night’?
(Out 28 October on Multitrack Reworks)

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