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SMOOVE: Multi-track Reworks Vol. 6 (Vinyl 12″)

SMOOVE: Multi-track Reworks Vol. 6There’s absolutely no sign of abatement in the disco-funky-edit outpourings of the man known (at Monkeyboxing Towers at least!) as Berry Geordie – a.k.a. Smoove – whose Multi-track Reworks series is now up to Vol. 6. This time around Brothers finds him working out a significantly extended and extra drums-augmented version of a certain The Mack soundtrack classic while on the flip he slyly goes in solo on what used to be a family affair from one of the biggest outfits to ever blend funk, soul, rock and psychedelia with Family and gives that a thorough seeing to as well. While not technically disco, these edits render the originals very much disco-dancefloor friendly and of course you know that means there can only be one appropriate format. That’s right! The nowadays rare vinyl 12 inch!
(Out now on Multitrack Reworks US)

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