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SMOOVE feat. JEHST, MICALL PARKNSUN & DJ JAZZ T: Fresh Pair (2013) Free download & video

Imagine being so obsessed with things you wear on your feet that you not only spunk hundreds of pounds on them, but witter away endlessly about them. No, not women – men. And trainers. And so to Fresh Pair, downtempo ode to fly footwear and brainchild of a collaboration between and fellow sneaker freakers Jehst, Micall Parknsun, DJ Jazz T and producer Smoove who make a convincing bid to enter the canon of hip-hop tracks about dope kicks. Oh what like My Adidas? Why stay faithful to one brand? Adidas, Ewings, Pumas, Supras, Diadoras…this lot have had them all. The slags. Oh yeah – and Nike who I trust were sponsoring this since Blazers, Jordans and Air Force ones all get namechecked. “Nowadays I ain’t fuckin wit nothing but Blazers,” raps Jehst before hastily adding “You’re hyping about your collection to me, they’re just trainers” in a vain bid for nonchalance which will fool precisely no-one. Cop it below and check skate-tastic/ bmx-bandit vid below that

Fresh Pair – Smoove Feat. Jehst, Micall Parknsun & DJ Jazz T from Sole Heaven on Vimeo.

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