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SMOOVE/ DJP: Wack 20 – I Like It / Vapours (Vinyl 7″)

SMOOVE/ DJP: I Like It / VapoursDue next week is this 45 double-header of hip-hop booty, Wack 20 the latest in an occasional series of cheeky business from the man they call Berry Geordie – well, the monkey does anyway. And who should be partnering him on this release but that DJ with the most distinctive glasses – a.k.a DJP. And it seems the latter has got the vapours. Must be the effort of splicing legends Biz Markie and Big Daddy Kane to a beat laced with jazzy piano. Still everything’s turned out nicely – as indeed it has on the other side where Smoove detaches Grand Puba from the jazzy minimalism of the original beat for I Like It and re-attaches to something rather more popping and funky. Altogether now, “Ooh and I like.” I do, you will, the dancefloor will.
(Out 28 April on Wack Records)

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