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SMOKEY BANDITS: The Rooster (2013) + Holidays In The Sun (Bobby C Sound TV remix) free download

Not little, not red but a rooster nonetheless – The Rooster is the current single from Basement Freaks‘ George Fotiadis with his Balkan/ Mex-American side project Smokey Bandits. It comes in four different types of ‘plumage’ – original, samba, Savages Y Suefo and AfroQBen and there’s also get a free Bobby C remix of Smokey Bandits’ Holidays In The Sun thrown in too. Quality. The PR describes this last as a, “funky monster with Balkan touches” before encouraging you to, “put some funky oil in your body…[and]…wear your sunglasses” though it stops mercifully short of endorsing the wearing of a pair of budgie smugglers and a medallion – which, as we all know is guaranteed to keep the barnyard upset in every way. Talking of upset – how have I got to the end of writing about a track called The Rooster and not made a single cock gag…
(Out now on Bombastic Jam)

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