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SMOKEY BANDITS: Debut Remixed Vol. 1 (2013)

George Fotiadis and Quasamodo enlist the aid of a wild bunch of remix bandoleros on what the ‘Vol. 1’ tag would indicate is only the first in a collection of remixes of Smokey Bandits‘ debut LP Debut. Buffalo soldier Blend Mishkin dubs up the riddim on dusty reggae cut Smoke From The Attic, Washington bandidos Empresarios increase the beat on A Son’s Lament, and remix rustler Panama Cardoon makes Cattledrive something of a stampede. Who haven’t we mentioned? Ah yes – city slicker Renegades Of Jazz who takes the swinging pomp of Subway Hustler and gives it a smoky late-night vibe. Why – it’s almost worth a shootout…
(Out 12 August on Bombastic Jam)

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