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SMILE DAVIS: Uh La La (ULURU 007)(Vinyl 7″)

SMILE DAVIS: Uh La La[RATING: 5] If you’ve been following MB over the years, you’ll know the monkey has always been partial to a dope reggae-hip-hop mash-up – though there haven’t been too many of those floating around recently. It’s a party that had long been rocked by the likes of Shepdog, JStar and Mr Benn and latterly by DJ Maars – occasionally collaborating with cohort Tom Showtime. So when Smile Davis showed up fashionably late nearly three years ago, he had little choice but to bring fire – which he always does and to which a run of sold out 7″s can testify. So don’t sleep on latest 45 Uh La La which like Uluru 002 also employs a Run The Jewels acapella – this time their Ooh La La over the Murderer riddim. Not that that’s the end of the fun for what should turn up on the flip but another (though this time, non-reggae) hip-hop remix of Q-Tip’s evergreen Breathe And Stop. Altogether now, ooh la la, ah oui oui!
(Out now on Uluru Records)

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