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SIMFONYX: Putsch. Teil Eins b/w Widerstand (Vinyl 7″)

SIMFONYX:  Putsch. Teil Eins[RATING: 5] Next on vinyl 7″ from the Delights label, Markey Funk and Shuzin don their SimfOnyx guise and draw from a West German library music influence – in particular the work of Peter Thomas and Klaus Weiss. And with track titles like Putsch. Teil Eins and Widerstand (a.k.a. Coup. Part One and Resistance) it looks like they’re getting all political too. Turns out that the ‘Putsch’ in question isn’t the one of Munich Beer Hall infamy however, since it seems these titles (recorded in the same session as previous SimfOnyx 45, Der Maulwurf b/w Eolomea) are a commentary on events in Markey and Shuzin’s own country. Putsch. Teil Eins is a slo-mo insectoid affair shot through with tension while Widerstand is a fat slice of psych-funk for those darker nights on the dancefloor. You know they happen and this is essential ordnance for such an occasion!
(Out now on Delights)

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