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SHAKA LOVES YOU: Summer Sessions Vol. 1 feat. PROFIT

SLY Summer Sessions Vol 1 PRofit MCShaka Loves You so much they’re ‘comin atcha’ from all directions. Or at least from the audio and the visual. That’ll be their new Summer Sessions Vol. 1 then, a foray into the ‘anything can happen’ world of live mixing available in a downloadable version and as a video with moving pictures of sexy ladies roller-skating. And surfing. And riding beach cruiser bikes. And…everything. That mean it’s on soundcloud and a Youtube then? Got it in one. Gape as they slip in a bit of live sax, gasp as they drop in live percussion, marvel as emcee PRofit holds it all together whilst simultaneously spinning a few plates, jumping through some flaming hoops and solving a Rubik’s cube. I might have made the last bit up. Cop it/ watch it below…

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