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SECOND HAND AUDIO feat. DIZZY DUSTIN: Got It Like That (GFD03) (2013)

There was only one logical step for the ghetto funk/ breaks scene when the well of old school and underground hip hop rapapellas started drying up. Get some original vocals of course. There’s been barely a handful of those in the last few years but you can expect a lot more from now on as the necessity of finding something suitable (and unrinsed) increasingly drives the issue. Step forward one of the UK’s most ‘hip-hop’ breaks production duos – DJP & The Breakbeat Junkie. Or as they’re known on Got It Like That, Second Hand Audio. But who to get on the mic? Certainly not anyone who’s charted recently – Christ – there needs to be an ability to flip the script rather than limply flap it about. What about Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling? And what about a Featurecast remix that ghettoes up the filtered wah-wah funk of the original, a super crunchy DJP remix and instrumentals of all three. Now, that is the way forward. Can I have it like that? You got it like that.
(Out soon on Ghetto Funk Digital)

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