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SEASICK STEVE: Banjo Song (MISTER FRENCHWAX remix) (2016) Free download

Banjo Song remix Mister Frenchwax Seasick SteveI don’t know, you leave home at 13 to avoid a stepfather who’s a bit handy with his fists, hobo around the country looking for work, become friends with Joni Mitchell, move to Norway the best part of fifty years later, release an album and get championed by a London radio DJ. Next thing you know, you’re a bona fide living blues legend. In short you are Seasick Steve and everyone wants a piece of you – including Mister Frenchwax who’s just done an unofficial blues-breaks remix of your Banjo Song. If you want a piece of that, get on your way down that download road by copping it free below…

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