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SCOUR RECORDS: Scoured Cream Vol. 2 (2013)

Second time around for Scour Records and another breaks outing so varied it’s like a purchasable version of Spinforth’s Soundcloud Scour. Er – wait a minute…Anyway – as with Vol. 1 we open with a glitch. In the musical sense. In this case Warp9’s glitching electro swing number Lucas With The Glitch On. Subsequently, Buck Rogers lets the dogs out with his Funkdoobiest/ Bow Wow Wow-plundering Time to Rock, the HKPP boys give Pharoahe Monch a wobble on Funk You and J-Sound gets his judder on with Gang Starr-sampling Boss DAT. But the excitement doesn’t end there. X-Ray Ted has a fiddle on Jeeves (ghetto gypsy?) and the mighty Basement Freaks gives Cypress Hill’s Insane In The Brain a snarling ghetto-funk reboot – which is pretty much what Superfort does to Van Morrison on Gloria. The original of that, by the way, bears a more than passing resemblance to James Knight & The Butlers’ version of Save Me, fact fans – so similar in fact that it sounds like ‘Fort’s bunged a bit of it on at the end. My favourite though – apart from Warp9, obviously? The unusually-monikered Waggles & Bear Twists with pounding chain-gang chant Old Rosie. Sets sounding a bit tired breaks djs? Maybe you should put some cream on that…
(Out 21 March on Scour Records)

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  1. Hello there funky Monkees

    You are totally right, it is indeed James Knight & The Buttlers at the end of Gloria and also during the breakdown, mashed up with James Brown and another blues song i wanted to use the harmonica from. But i’m afraid the actual Gloria samples aren’t taken from the original’s Van Morrisson song, the sample used in Superfort’s Gloria was really taken from Patti Smith’s take on Gloria.

    Hope you don’t mind this clarification.

    Very glad for your post here at Monkeyboxing, thanks 🙂


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