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SCOUR RECORDS: Scoured Cream Vol. 1 (2012)

Spinforth‘s Soundcloud Scour is all grown up! Its now a record label as well as a means of saving thousands of lazy-bastard digital djs from mining soundcloud for the diamonds among the shite. This release is a bit like the free Scour really – only it’s not free. Well there’d be little point in starting a label if it was would there? You can expect the Scour traditions to be firmly upheld in terms of quality choices and generic range though crucially as Scoured Cream Vol. 1 is a label release everything’s been mastered. Big fat polished diamonds then.

I have to say I thought there was a buffering problem with my React Promo stream when I first heard opener B.Visible’s Sun No Shine. Then I realised it was one of those newfangled tracks and damn if I didn’t get into it man. You know like a…like a glitch machine man. Up next are J-Sound, The Fritz and Spinforth himself to give Yank folkie icon Melanie Safka a rousing ghetto funk goosing before handing the breaks baton to WBBL who lobs the kids a big-ass funky wobbler. Holding down the middle portion is Joe Revell who gets the Jungle Brothers skanking and wobbling on Jungle IQ and Father Funk who throws down what sounds like everything he could lay his hands on funk and hip-hop-wise (in a good way) so that while Hell Yeah turns on a heavily filtered Mr Big Stuff base it’s tractor beam draws in KRS-ONE, and (among others) Ann Robinson. No, not the ginger TV harpy. Finally, bringing up the rear, Kotch tears the roof of the sucker Parliament-ary style, Spinforth’s Hong Kong Ping Pong bredren deliver an shameless breaks version of We No Speak Americano and Pugzilla and Envious Mind partner-up as ghetto-funkin’ swingers. Although that does make them sound like swingers who are into ghetto funk. The B.Vis and Father Funk cuts are the ones for me but pretty much everyone’s going to want a bit of Scoured Cream Vol. 1 to spread in their Christmas dj fajitas!
(Out 20 December on Scour Records)

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