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SAVANT feat. Dibbz Dreek: Fresh She Is (Satchill Head’s Reprise) (2011)

The indefatigable MC Savant a.k.a. Stanstro is on it again, this time with Dibbz Dreek of Fresh Life Curriculum and a paean to this chick they both fancy. And it has to be said, she sounds rather attractive having: a “body like a poem, written in calligraphy,” rather well-off but still a bit street, “the type to have a two car garage go to work/ And still keep a doobie in the Luis Vuitton purse, word” and, overall, fresh, apparently, “like his body after rest,” though “fresh, like a baby’s breath,” is perhaps stretching it a bit since that milky sick smell’s probably not the most flattering image. Not to worry, it’s all on a lazy, hazy early Mos Def/ late-era ATCQ tip again and will go down nicely on the pre-party stereo. I’d say someone give this man a contract if contracts weren’t so last century. Cop it free off the player below (down arrow on r-hand side) and look out for the Crash EP coming soon…

Fresh She Is (Satchill Head’s Reprise) by Savant aka Stanstro

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