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SAVANT feat. CHARITY CLAY & DJ J20: Soul Music (2012) Free download

It’s the penultimate cut from emcee Savant’s Crash Course: Leak Series and Soul Music finds our man paying tribute to his chosen medium. And I don’t mean he’s come over all Aloe Blacc and ditched the raps. Nope this is ‘soul music’ in the sense of music for and from the soul rather than a homage to the genre of ‘soul music.’ Having said that though, the basis for the beat is actually a midtempo slice of Philly-soul style goodness courtesy of producer Camofingo since soul music is the best of all music for and from the soul – don’t argue! Expect fresh guest rhymes from Charity Clay, soaring vocal soul hooks from Shaklayn, scratch science from Scottsdale and DJ J20 plus of course super tight bars from Savant himself to keep the true school flame alive.

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