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SABABA 5: Wembley

Never less than funky with a Middle Eastern twist but now heading deeper into psychedelica, it seems, are Sababa 5 whose new one sounds not unlike an instrumental by Zam-Rock band WITCH. What to call such a powerful slice of exotica though? Wembley anyone? I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘Wembley’ – ha-ha – what language is that? It sounds exactly like that giant stadium in London!’ Right, well that’s what it’s named after – the band’s theory being that if you’re going to create classic stadium rock-riffage you need a stadium-evoking name. Or in this case, maybe just the name of a stadium. Ultimately though, it’s the tune, which is dope, that you’ll be remembering, especially as it gives the band the chance to rock their new electric saz (long-necked lute used in Turkish folk music, your honour), purchased on a recent trip to Istanbul. Wembley is the first single off the band’s forthcoming Aspan LP.
(Out now on Batov Records)

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