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RUKUS feat WARD 21: Champion (MR BENN remix)

Oh good – I do love a Mr Benn remix and judging by past reactions, so do you. Here he applies his legendary production skills to Champion – Rukus & Ward 21’s ominous, synth-laden dancehall tribute to Q Project’s Champion Sound. Of course, ‘ominous’ and ‘synth-laden’ aren’t adjectives that immediately spring to mind when you think of Mr Benn and as he puts it himself, “I switched the synths for steel pans and brought it out of the darkness and into the sunshine…”. He certainly has. Frankly now it doesn’t matter how many times Ward 21 intones, “Ward 21, killed plenty men,” this is all about irie vibes at the beach party rather than some night-time shotta shootout in Tivoli Gardens. The track features as part of Champion Remixes Pt 2.
(Out now on Raider Records)

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