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RORY HOY: Headroom EP

RORY HOY:  Headroom EPThe UK’s foremost warrior of big beat breaks, Rory Hoy, has returned with a new EP, the seven-track Headroom which provides the full spectrum of classic big beat era sounds. The manic Driving Me Insane is the EP’s calling card and takes no prisoners with a 140 bpm break, though it is probably beaten in the energy required to dance to it stakes by the only slightly slower but equally lairy Funny Times. Good2Go and Plan9 have got the house-crossover potential locked down tight meanwhile with that ubiquitous piano sound while Wiccatron’s edit of Tropical Burger Time arguably has the most mainstream crossover appeal. The best two cuts however are the two slowest (at around 105 bpm) and most psychedelic – the cheekily-titled, Another Big Beat Anthem and the voicebox, fuzz guitars and exceptionally big beats of Change The World. Bang your head!
(Out now on Big Fat Mama Beats)

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