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RORY HOY feat. ASHLEY SLATER: Hey Everybody! (2015)

Hey Everybody Rory Hoy Ashley SlaterHey Everybody! Not just the title of the new disco biscuit from Rory Hoy featuring Ashley Slater (as they of them team-up to make it funky from Knaresborough to Brighton) but an exhortation to report to the dancefloor as the pair show Pharrell and Daft Punk it’s not just Smoove & Turrell that have them in their sights. “Hey Everybody/ You ain’t never goin’ to get a lady with that loser vibe/ Let me offer you some advice,” sings Slater with some conviction having a) had a top three UK hit in a former life and b) being married to a saucy, former-stripper wife. Remixes come from All Good Funk Alliance (electro funk), Dr Bone (P-funk), House Of Phonk (all house, no phonk) and Rory Hoy himself (also house) but it’s the original that still rules.
(Out 24 July on Super Hi-Fi Recordings)

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