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ROCAFORT RECORDS: Latin Underground Revolution 1967-1978 (triple 45 boxset)

ROCAFORT RECORDS: Latin Underground Revolution 1967-1978 (triple 45 boxset)Rocafort Records rock the spot once again with another superb excavation and re-press, this time from three different eras no less, of New York’s latin music heritage with their triple 45 boxset Latin Underground Revolution boxset. Its full title pretty much explains the deal – Latin Underground Revolution: Swinging Boogaloo, Guaguanco, Salsa & Latin Funk from New York City 1967-1978) – and will certainly take longer to say than it will to decide to buy. The first 7″ contains the 45 edit of Louie Ramirez’s New Breed, 107th Street Stickball Team’s smoking version of Let Me Do My Thing, the second features Los Africanos’ Pamoja Watu (Together People) and Mike Guagenti Y Orquesta’s Charanga Jam while the third delivers double Brooklyn Sounds with both their Mirame San Miguel and Guaguanco De Puerto Rico. Es fuego? Por supuesto!

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