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RENEGADES OF JAZZ feat. ALEXIA COLEY: Magic Touch (Vinyl 7″)

RENEGADES OF JAZZ feat. ALEXIA COLEY: Magic Touch[RATING: 5] As regular MB readers will know, Renegades Of Jazz’s David Hanke is a tireless producer of original music and a man with Catholic tastes in both the music he produces and is inspired by. Party breakbeat, downtempo, afro, Latin and more besides – he’s certainly spread his love around. This time however, he’s all about the funky soul – a genre which, as regular MB readers will also know

, is queen of the monkey’s musical loves. And so it is that he applies all his craft and conjures the very essence of the thing on his Magic Touch 45. Syncopated drums? Check! Loose-hipped bass groove? Check! Blues chord progression? Check! Sparse, chanking guitar? Check! Super tight horn section? Check! Sassy female vocal? Check! Lyrics praising loved one to the skies or cursing loved one to all hell (It’s the former, by the way)? Check! And who is the soul sister charming the listener on this one? Why it’s Alexia Coley of course who, if you’ve caught her previous works, you’ll know is more than qualified for such a task. Also comes with the instrumental on the flip – I know, right?!
(Out 25 June on Our Label Records)

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