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RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Assignment B-Boy (2014)

Assignment B-Boy Renegades Of JazzYour mission David (should you choose to accept it) is to create a brace of b-boy friendly breaks out of big band horn riffs and the sort of library music that might accompany sixties and seventies car chases. What do you mean ‘that’ll be a piece of piss’? Oh I see, well, yes, your record does appear to indicate that you have some experience in this sort of thing. Do you need a latex mask that makes you look like Smoove or Suonho? No? Wire harness so that you can hang over the mixing desk without setting off motion sensors? No? Ok. We’ll just leave you to it then – what I can hear sounds pretty good…ladies and gentlemen – I give you Assignment B-Boy from Renegades Of Jazz
(Out now on Rawkingcuts)

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