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RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Karabine EP – Release details

Everyone keeps trying to jazz the monkey at the moment. No, that’s not an euphemism, it’s just that the inbox keeps being filled (no, that’s not one either) with jazzy business (or that). And so we come to Renegades Of Jazz (i.e. David Hanke of Mash & Munkee) – the big signing to new label WASS of which the owner, ‘king of the northern beats’ (i.e. Smoove of Smoove & Turrell), himself claims combines, ”jazz dance and b-boy funk to devastating effect.” The phrase ‘jazz dance’ is like a cold shower of piss over here at monkeyboxing towers but I’ve had a listen and it’s got a bit of a Lalo Schifrin-esque edge – so that was quite redemptive really, as was it’s general all-round machine-gun percussiveness and summery sophistication. I preferred the spy (jazz) funk of flip Apple Sauce though. Reminded me of being chased round the shores of Lake Constance by KGB agents back in ‘67.
Renegades Of Jazz – Karabine EP – tracklist
1. Karabine
2. Karabine (Uptown Felaz remix)
3. Apple Sauce
4. Apple Sauce (Dusty remix)
(Out 24 May on Wass Records)

Listen to Renegades Of Jazz – Karabine EP

Renegades Of Jazz – Myspace

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