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RENEGADES OF JAZZ – ‘Cascade’ released September 2010

I hate scat and when I say ‘scat’ I refer to the jazz style of singing and not those coprophagic pornos that that bloke at school who smelt of jizz used to go on about. Come to think of it – I ain’t even too keen on jazz – so I was surprised (and I can’t believe I’m going to say this) to find myself appreciating a track containing both jazz and scat. That and the fact that it contains a driving breakbeat and successively raises it’s game every couple of bars with a different kind of brassy flourish. I shouldn’t have been too surprised though, really, given the classy elegance of the previous Renegades’ drop compared to which this is, if anything, even better. Once again Wass label boss Smoove displays his flair for picking a winner. If he carries on like this I might have to call him Berry Geordie.

Listen to Renegades Of Jazz – Cascade

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