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RENEGADE BRASS BAND: Rhymes, Beats & Brass (Remixed) (2015)

Rhymes Beats Brass Remixed Renegade Brass BandDamn! It’s summer – and you haven’t had enough brass band vibes since Renegade Brass Band‘s Rhymes, Beats & Brass came out earlier in the year. If only somebody could be brassed to do – say – a remix album at the very least. But wait a minute – what’s this? Why it’s the Rhymes, Beats & Brass Remixed LP – problem solved! Yes, a respectable assortment of production types have gathered together to rework RBB stuff in their own inimitable styles.

By far the most popular tracks seized upon here are the original LP’s funky centrepiece The Shakedown and stick-it-to-the-man closer Zealots with 3 re-puffs apiece from Hugo Kant, Sam Redmore and Dr Rubberfunk for the former and Herma Puma, The Colman Brothers and Danny Drive Thru for the latter. Also present are Chris Read, Renegades Of Jazz, Tall Black Guy, Phrij, Hipnotic Jazz, and Paper Tiger bringing the total number of tracks to twelve. Best cuts include all three versions of Shakedown, ROJ’s Folding Money and Herma Puma’s dusty dope take on Zealots. Get off your brass and let’s ill.
(Out now on Nah’m Sayin’ Records HERE)

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