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RENEGADE BRASS BAND: Rhymes, Beats & Brass (2014)

Rhymes Beats Brass Renegade Brass BandWhat’s brassier than Bo Selecta’s Scary Spice impression and blows harder than a desperate crack whore? Renegade Brass Band of course! Consisting of 8 – er – blowers, 2 percussionists, a scratch dj, a live MC (and a partridge in a pear tree), the 12 piece outfit return in August with beats and rhymes about life on their debut album Rhymes, Beats & Brass.

Weighing in at a mere 8 tracks, the LP consists of half straight instros mixed with half cuts featuring rapped vocals. The melodies and percussion are shot through with a healthy dose of latin influences and V3xation’s lyrics are shot through with a healthy dose of social awareness and ire. Folding Money takes a look at social inequality, Take No Chances, Make No Changes makes exhortations to take both chances and make changes (lest you end up with yet another self-interested cartel from a background of ridiculous privilege running the country), and closer Zealots explores said cartel’s increasingly frequent contempt for democracy. Incidentally this last begins with a reggae rhythm and switches up to dnb tempo thus breaking the largely dominant latin theme of almost all the rest of the LP. In terms of what’s most likely to make the crowd get down, though, this one’s probably all about LP instro centrepiece and scratch-introduced groove The Shakedown – the sort of thing to get you moving even if you can’t normally be brassed…
(Out 4 August for digital/ cd; 30 August for wax on Nah’m Sayin’ Records)

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