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RAYE COLE: I’m A Lady (Vinyl 7″)

RAYE COLE: I'm A Lady Raye Cole returns to Original Gravity for stripped back funk strut I’m A Lady, on which sparse rhythm guitar and drums provide the backdrop for her to deliver something that with a more contemporary production style might have turned up on an early Kelis album. Alternatively, it’s quite easy to imagine a more blues-fuzz version of this as a Black Keys song – although admittedly with unlikely lyrics for them. While we’re on the subject of lyrics, what’s up with those? Turns out you’ve got to sign into Youtube because there’s profanity. Oh yes? What’s that hook again? “I know you lovin’ what you see/ You see a fuckin’ lady!” Genius! There’ll be dog whistle responses from those who think ‘ladies don’t swear’ as well as from women who swear but think the term ‘lady’ should be consigned to the dustbin along with those who think ‘ladies don’t swear’! Also comes with a non-sweary version on the flip for radio play to make sure every base is covered.
(Out now on Original Gravity)

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