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RAS BEATS feat. ROC MARCIANO: Wit No Pressure (2016)

Wit No Pressure Ras Beats Roc MarcianoGot Roc Marciano on the mic? Might have to step up when it comes to a beat. No pressure or anything. Not that Ras Beats is fazed, delivering, as he does, an armour-plated bit of boom-bap that sounds like it has been informed by the jangly guitars of some late 80s post-punk outfit. Must sound alright to Marciano too since he’s “lit up a bogie,” and saying, “your flow, to me, is like karaoke,” to any emcee who’ll listen. Might be time to seek cover. Wit No Pressure is the lead single from Ras Beats’ forthcoming album, Control Your Own, which drops in the middle of next month and also features lyrical content from Elzhi, O.C., Masta Ace, Sadat X, Breeze Brewin, and Rasheed Chappell, among others.
(Out now on Worldwyde Recordings)

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