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RAM JAM: Black Betty (PHIBES remix)(2014)

Black Betty PhibesPhibes take on one-hit wonders Ram Jam and their version of Black Betty for a bit of heavy blues-rock-powered ghetto glitch remix action here. The precise meaning of the eponymous ‘black betty’ of the title is a matter for speculation and has been variously interpreted over the decades as referring to a bottle of whiskey, a musket, a whip or a penitentiary transfer wagon. Also a matter of speculation is what folk/blues legend, Lead Belly, (to whom authorship of Black Betty is often attributed) would make of this. I speculate he might feel that it’s like drinking the former, being attacked with the middle two and taking a journey in the latter. Which is almost certainly what’ll happen to you if you go to Falmouth club night when Phibes are headlining…Cop it below…

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