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RALPH RIP SHIT & STOPHE: OCDC Vol. 1 – Free download

You have to wonder about the music business when quality shit like this is being given away. And what of the artists who are doing the giving? Or, (to put it another way) as Lee Dorsey once sang, “Who’s gonna help a brother get further?” The answer ain’t blowing in the wind my friends – it lies with you: DOWNLOAD Ralph Rip Shit & Stophe – OCDC Vol. 1 HERE. Slicker and smoother than the last time I heard Mr Rip Shit on The Best Name this is right up there with anything you might actually consider paying for. Stophe drops simple fat breaks rife with sixties, seventies and eighties instrumental samples and Ralph reveals why they’re both “Too big for Swansea.” And he does have the best name. No excuses for not copping this. I’m off to give my kicks a clean.
(PRESS RELEASE) OCDC! is the culmination of Classic Tuesdays spent in the studio together and the odd Thursday thrown in for good measure. This is for those who made tapes. This is for those who liked Busta when he had hair. This is for those who still love Maceo blowing soul through the horn. This is for those who are convinced Dres is the greatest MC ever. This is for those who want to swagger with earphones in, clean their sneaks with a spare toothbrush and rock a crisp tee in the summer…


Ralph Rip Shit – Myspace

Stophe – Myspace

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