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RACKABEAT & BAR-LOW: The Rack & Low Show podcast (2011) + ‘Get Down’ video

This is only the third podcast inside a month that I’m posting about since I said I didn’t normally post about podcasts – which all goes to show how much of a handle I’ve got on what I do. Anyway, here we are and here’s Rack & Low a.k.a. Rackabeat and Bar-Low, a pair of dj/producers from Bristol whose boom-track Get Down (see video below) is out now on the Riddim Fruit label – see player below. If that’s not enough R n L for you – check out their Rack & Low Show podcast – the purpose of which they describe as being, “to play the kind of music us DJs listen to rather than what we might play out. Remember the ‘Back To Mine’ cds? It’s a little like that. We get guests in and ask them just to play some of their favorite tunes. Just good music and some funny drunken banter.” In other words they like to get pissed, play music and talk utter bollocks – something I’m all for since it validates a large percentage of my waking hours. Episode 2 was recorded the other week and the special guest was none other than that beat-juggling, Dirk Diggler…DJ Moneyshot. And he wasn’t he all up in their faces just like one! Messy. Chek!

Get Down (Riddim Fruit Recs) from Rackabeat & Bar-Low on Vimeo.

John Hendicott / Rackabeat & Bar-Low “Babylon Shall Fall” EP (Preview) by Riddim Fruit Records

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