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RACKABEAT & BAR-LOW: Step Out/ Air Tight (2014)

Hey everybody, let’s pull the lever on the Riddim Fruit machine and see what turns up for the start of 2014. Here we go – all the reels are spinning – hey – hold on a second – looks like someone’s been having a tinker with the workings – only two tracks have turned up instead of the normal four! There’s a punchy, paranoid bass-heavy bunch of cherries augmented with a little bit of Biggie 101 called Step Out and funky, glitchy lil peach called Air Tight. Oh wait a minute – it says here that Rackabeat and Bar-Low are behind this. That explains everything. According to their FB page they like to share a ‘bottle or two’ of ‘Jamaica’s finest rum.’ They probably got hammered and had a wee down the back of the machine. Still – it’s an improvement on the wardrobe…
(Out 21st January on Riddim Fruit)

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