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RACHEL MAXANN/ NÉSTOR ÁLVAREZ: Those Familiar Shadows/ Michele’s Theme (Vinyl 7″)

RACHEL MAXANN/ NÉSTOR ÁLVAREZ: Those Familiar ShadowsThe latest single from the Original Gravity stable is this one featuring an A-side, Those Familiar Shadows, from Rachel Maxann (last seen on You Gotta Set Me Free) with a B-side from Nestor Alvarez. And it’s the very definition of soul-jazz sophistication. Maxann delivers a smouldering vocal over a subtle and languorous groove and before you know it, you’re sporting a dinner jacket and suggestively sucking an olive from the Martini that’s suddenly appeared in your hands. Of course, words can only say so much so ‘Nestor Alvarez’ (i.e. multi-instrumenatlist lable boss, Neil Anderson), picks up the baton for an instrumental go-around, Michele’s Theme, on the flip.
(Out now on Original Gravity Records)

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