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QUEEN MAB: Roll With The Punches

QUEEN MAB: Roll With The PunchesSometime of Kitten & The Hip and before that Freak Power, Ashley Slater is a man as likely to be working on a solo project or featuring on someone else’s work.  But whither hast thou been of late, Mr S? Working on a recent guest vocal spot? Nope? New guest trombone spot? Nope? Ah, well then, perhaps here I hit it true – Queen Mab hath been with you! Or more correctly, you are half of Queen Mab.  Formerly, the fairies’ midwife, no bigger than an agate stone, according to Shakespeare (and quite possibly once Maedbh of Connaught, enemy of Cú Chulain, to boot), in this incarnation, Queen Mab is singer Hattie Snooks and Slater, combining talents to create musical magic. On debut single, Roll With The Punches, Snooks’ vocals display just the right mix of jazz chanteuse and burlesque sleaze while Slater’s production ensures everything is underpinned with both a solid bottom end and pop nous. On the original mix, it’s all about the Latin stylings with a remix from Ted Nilsson (house?  Yes.  Shhh!) and another from Rory Hoy whose B-Boy version (available as both a vocal and instrumental) is, of course, the one most liable to interest to MB readers. Looks like it’s just the humble Juno player to preview things on for now but check it below…
(Out now on Glamjazz Records)

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