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PYROPE: The Duel / Broken Spell (Vinyl 7″)

PYROPE: The Duel / Broken Spell More assured library music-cum-psych-funk action from the Delights stable with this new 45 featuring The Duel and Broken Spell from Pyrope. Yes, I know pyrope is a mineral from the garnet group but now it’s also a studio collab. between Paul Osborne (Project Gemini), Paul Elliott (Oregano), Yael Lavie (appeared on The In Sound Company’s Silk & Gunpowder) and label boss Mr Markey Funk! The Duel‘s atmospheric groove opens with a Hammer Horror soundtrack style keys flourish before the entry of pulsing bass groove, funky drums and a very Carter Gets A Train-style keys topline. Broken Spell similarly combines retro crime and horror influences but leans more towards the horror (where it’s counterpart on Side A leans more towards the crime) with its retro synth action.
(Pre-order now/ Ships 17 March on Delights)

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