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PUSHIN WOOD SOUNDSYSTEM: Through The Needle’s Eye/ Get Lost + comic book (2012)

Pushin Wood Soundsystem? Must be the month for double entendres. Mind you, every month is the month for double entendres here at MB Towers – it just never gets boring. Anyway the Through The Needle’s Eye/Get Lost seven inch (there we go again) is what happens when you ask Dutch pro-skater Wouter Winter to knock out (and again) a comic which you’re going to release on your record label (yes, you read that right) and then you decide you’re going to create a soundtrack for it. Using just an MPC. Naturally the end result is an accomplished piece of b-boy breaks-funk of the kind DJ Format is wont to produce using rather more than an MPC. Funnily enough, he’s supposed to have bought himself a copy of this already. High praise indeed. Oh yeah – Get Lost is all frantic swing blues instro over on the flip. Well, it says swing blues here. It’s as much ska.
(Out now on Bambeats Records)

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