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PULPFUSION: Street Art EP (2011)

The Street Art EP is a quality six-tracker from Pulpfusion (the man who bought you Sex, Drums, Funk And Roll and ‘that’ video from earlier in the year) which the PR would have you believe that is a collection of “downtempo breaks.” Listening to the Poison-era, Prodigy-style sound-graffiti of the title-track original and remixes by Frenic and Ewan Hoozami (and especially this last one) you may be forgiven for thinking that it’s only ‘downtempo’ in the sense that the police of Davis, California are ‘mellow’ with the pepper spray. It is quite moody though, in a good way and (with nary a wobbly bassline in sight) it’s all about the dark retro nineties beats plus a pinch of eighties zombie flick scores for good measure. Me likey. You likey too. Altogether now – I got the fusion, I got the remedy/ I got the pulp of the rhythmical remedy…See what I did there?
(Out 28th November 2011 on Pig Balls Records)

PulpFusion – Street Art EP (Inlc. Frenic, Ewan Hoozami & Mandalenas Burp) by Pig Balls Records

This 6 track downtempo breaks ep is the newest release from Pig Balls Records: a Bristol vs Lucerne collabo, on which 2 of Bristol’s hottest breaks producers offer a remix for Lucerne’s number one mad beat scientist PulpFusion. And with the voice of Lucerne’s singer/songwriter “Mandalenas Burp” the team is complete!
So this time we came up with.

PulpFusion – Street Art E.P. – tracklist
1. Street Art
2. Street Art (Frenic Remix)
3. Street art (Ewan Hoozami Remix)
4. PulpFusion feat. Mandalenas Burp – I Have Wings
5. Daylight Fading
6. Coutch Potato

The Swiss mad beat scientist DJ PulpFusion, (aka Thöny Terence), starts out as a guitar player in a few local bands over 20 years ago. But the love for producing and mixing groove ‘n funk rooted music, make him decide to take the turntable path. Looking for a personal style, he writes, plays and produces his own music that finds it’s way to the audience during intensive gigs and concerts all over Switzerland. Anno 2011, PulpFusion is well known in the international Funk and Breaks scene as a producer, but the heart still belongs to the stage! Experiencing DJ PulpFusion live takes the audience on a journey to good old fashioned soul, funk and all related styles of the vinyl era combined with the forces of today’s killer beats.

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