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PULPFUSION: Sex, Drums, Funk & Roll EP (2011) + video,

Forget Swizz Beats – this is all about Swiss beats for it’s from the land of expensive watches and expansive bank accounts that PulpFusion hails. The Sex, Drums Funk & Roll EP finds Mr Terence Thony (there’s an umlaut on the ‘o’ but not on my keyboard) indulging his love of big ass drum breaks, funky samples and rock guitars in quite spectacular fashion. Oh yeah – and sex. This is in the original video though. Essentially a riff on the sexy-aerobics-work-out pioneered by cheesy Euro house jockey Eric Prydz, the Sex, Drums… effort nonetheless trounces it’s forbear. Interestingly, Pulpfusion isn’t the only person on Youtube claiming it as the visuals to his music though perhaps the main thing is (as one over-excited youngster on Kaizarmovies’ account, which shows the same visuals, feverishly notes) the video is, “so dirty that when my mom enter…[sic]…my room I switch to porn.” Yeah. Happy trails with that plan son. Comes with remixes by…deep breath…Funkanomics, Telephunken, Digital Alkemist, Frenic, Ewan Hoozami, MustBeat Crew, Tosses & Varvez, Gemini Bros, ACiDicy and Zenit Incompatible…Rather large then, in more ways than one…
(Out now on Pigballs Records)

PulpFusion – Sex Drums Funk And Roll – EP Teaser OUT NOW!!! by Pig Balls Records

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