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PULPFUSION: Goodbye To Humanity EP (2012)

Now – admittedly – I was aware of this at least a fortnight ago now but since I’ve been harbouring biohazard-strength flu germs for the last week or so and since everyone I live with was a walking biohazard the week before that you’ll maybe excuse the delay in posting. Frankly, the sentiment Goodbye To Humanity pretty much captured my prevailing mood last week. There’s no way I could have listened to this then though – way too lairy for a sick man – for PulpFusion has only gone and made…‘quasi-metal-breaks.’ Yep – that’s right – the sort of thing that makes the Prodigy sound like cocktail jazz. Best cut is Wrong World (again a sentiment, which captures perfectly one’s thoughts as one surfaces at four a.m. shivering in a pool of one’s own sweat, aching from head to toe with a throat that feels like it’s got blades in it) – which screams ‘extreme sports video soundtrack.’ It’s the sort of thing you imagine hearing while nutters like Jeb Corliss or Garrett McNamara throw themselves off one more mountain or ride one more ninety foot wave. Have a gander to Wrong World yourself below and preview the whole EP on the player below that…
(Out now on Pig Balls Records)

Goodbye To Humanity EP TEASER- OUT NOW by PulpFusion

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