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PROSPER & RORY HOY: Get Dat Boogie Chase EP (2011)

I think this might just be my favourite Big M release since Vol 8 of Big M Productions (the one with Breakbeat Junkie & DJPs massive Drop Down on it) came out. In a large part, it has to be said, this is because of the cumbia stylings of Todo Es Nuevo for, as any MB regulars will know, the monkey’s all over a big latin breaks effort. And there have certainly been some bangers this year – DJ Moar, Panama Cardoon and Kuhjo having delivered the goods on a grand scale to name but three and you can definitely add this one to the list. Elsewhere Badboe cohort Prosper and Big M regular Rory Hoy tap early eighties funk (Zoun and If You Leave The Party), seventies disco and Big Bill at the same time (Walk On A Cookie), and Big Beat Get Dat Boogie Chase with ease and the last one also gets glittery rework by Jayl Funk. With nary a wobbly bassline amongst them, it’s almost the late nineties again. Todo es funky!
(Out now on BigM Productions)

After their first cooperation on BigM in the previous year, Prosper and Rory Hoy are back delivering an unbelieveable six pack of vintage styled powerful cheeky breaks and smooth cool grooving NuFunk. With such variety this is a bomb on many floors and with 6 tunes on offer you can’t miss. So get dat Boogie Chase EP! Rock’n’Roll!

A01) Prosper & Rory Hoy – Todo es nuevo
An unbelieveable cheeky monster just in time to fill the summer sets with latin styled vintage breaking madness to bomb the floor at peak time.

A02) Prosper & Rory Hoy – Zoun (extended Version)
Cranky breakbeat intelligence on a cool bassline driven groove with a tasty synth filling. Delicious – Have it!

A03) Prosper & Rory Hoy – If you leave the party (feat. McRunigga & Estery)
A smooth and chilled high quality NuFunk groover with a cool vocal topping to bring you the vibe into any lounge out there.

B01) Prosper & Rory Hoy – Get dat Boogie Chase (Original Mix)
Bassline driven and NuFunk coated funky breaks with some vocal essence ending in a power loaded and smooth groover.

B02) Prosper & Rory Hoy – Walk on a Cookie (feat. MC Runigga)
Retouch of parts of a Rory Hoy tune mashing them through massive vocal sessions and bassworks to get a new peak time swinger.

B03) Prosper & Rory Hoy – Get dat boogie Chase (JayL Funk Remix)
JayL Funk’s rework of dat Boogie Chase keeping it a bit smoother for the lounge time.

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