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PROJECT GEMINI: Path Through The Forest / The Ritual (Vinyl 7″)

PROJECT GEMINI: Path Through The Forest / The Ritual (Vinyl 7[RATING: 5] In what must surely be the monkey’s favourite Delights Records release so far, the label drop Project Gemini’s new 45 – Path Through The Forest. Those familiar with the Delight’s psych-funky output will already suspect this is a path leading to ritual sacrifice at the very least and what should the B-side be called but…The Ritual. Told you. Still, at least the journey is highly groovy in a cinematic funk-on-psilocybin way – and, tonally, not actually that dark – though some minor key business at the end adds an element of unease. Nevertheless, perhaps there will be a last minute reprieve from the druids? Certainly The Ritual begins in a wafty daze that doesn’t sound all that bloodthirsty but towards the closing bars, everything but the beat drops out and – ulp – what are those rusty stains on that table-sized slab of granite in the stone circle?
(Out 28 February on Delights Records)

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