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PROFIT feat. JFB: Booking Hot (SHAKA LOVES YOU remix)(2017)

PROFIT feat. JFB:  Booking Hot (SHAKA LOVES YOU remix)Part two of tonight’s remix frenzy is the Shaka Loves You boys’ take on the final single from emcee PRofit‘s True Colours album – the JFB-featuring Booking Hot. Out go the wah-wah guitar, and electro beat of the original and in come a rather more funky break, horns and a Rhodes melody, the latter of which lends something of a pensive air to proceedings despite the undoubtedly dancefloor tempo, drums and lyrical theme. Food for thought – as is the fact that if you say ‘Booking Hot’ with a northern accent it almost sounds rude. Check it below.
(Out now on Defcon Records)

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