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PROFESSOR BRIAN OBLIVION: Like This! / Caution (2014)

Like This!  Caution Professor Brian OblivionSample scholar Professor Brian Oblivion makes his return with the library music/ cinematic breaks soundcrash that is double A-sider Like This!/ Caution by way of providing an abstract for his forthcoming full-length Dissertations Vol. 1. On the one hand, Like This! provides plenty of drum crunch juxtaposed with a reflective melody and vocal hook – all constructed from samples you understand – in a whimsical piece of almost folksy breaks. Caution, on the other, transports us to a plane of minimal spy-funk psychedelia that falls halfway between original Schifrin-esque sixties stylings and Edan-esque splicing of such. Get on it wax fans!
(Out now on Clockwise Records)

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