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PRATT & MOODY: Creeping Around (Vinyl 7″)

Blimey, I’d started to think all releases this month were instrumentals but here’s a melancholy bit of vocal soul for you in the shape of Creeping Around from Pratt & Moody backed by Timmion Records’ house band, Cold Diamond & Mink. Creeping around? Yep – it’s a track about infidelity – you know – the grass looking greener on the other side, meeting up in dodgy motels and the like. Pratt’s often falsetto vocal on this conveys exactly the right mix of guilt and heartbreak while Moody’s guitar underpins it with sleazy noir-ish undertones. As it turns out the B-side actually is an instrumental – albeit the instrumental of the A-side – in case you just want to soundtrack your own guilty thoughts without the gorgeous distraction of Pratt’s voice.
(Out now (digital)/ Out 12 April (vinyl) on Timmion Records)

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