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PM WARSON: (Don’t) Hold Me Down

[RATING:5] Here’s the second single to drop from PM Warson’s forthcoming True Story LP, due in April, and it’s an album version re-up of underground hit (Don’t Hold Me Down). Originally self-released, the now sold-out sixties-R&B-cum-Latin with bubblegum girl group chorus, was Warson’s breakout track and on the new version features better production, with the beat a bit heavier and Warson’s vocals a bit grittier and a bit fuzzier. Which means it’s even doper than the original and a dancefloor sureshot that’ll have even rhythm dodgers pulling a passable shimmy. Sadly (for those who missed it on 45) this seems to be a digital-only release until the album drops though such is the popularity of 45s right now that it’s not inconceivable that the right amount of clamour from punters might persuade Légère to press it up or at least put it on the flip of the next Warson 7″. Here’s hoping!
(Out now on Légère Recordings)

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