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PHUTURE MOTION: ‘The Thief’ LP – release details

It seems Renegades Of Jazz’ Karabine EP might have been heralding the start of something the other week as even more summer sophistication is now on offer with the imminent arrival of Phuture Motion’s The Thief LP (Listen HERE). Who’s the thief? Judging by the range of influences on this – they are, as they’ve taxed aspects of just about everything from Mariachi to dubstep to create a broadly Latin-flavoured pile of musical plunder that gets the drop on lots of Latin stuff by actually having bottom end. Mine’s a Mojito please barman – be generous with the rum!
(Out 14 June on Freestyle)
(PRESS RELEASE) From the opening atmospheric LLuvia via the frantic yet latin broken beat of La Gallina through to the dubstep leanings of Ship of Monsters, Phuture Motioncreate a diverse and coherent soundscape. The Thief, weighing in at 18 tracks, pinches an influence from here, takes a bit from there and brings it all together for something different.
Long time musical collaborators Danny Mager, Levi Bussue and Chris Welch met and worked together as DJ’s and promoters at the highly respected and long running club night Phon-etics, they have made a name for themselves as resident and guest DJs at a variety of nights over a number of years using these sets and their radio show to push their love of of a wide range of upfront music ranging from the nastiest, bassiest grumble to the most beautiful, soulful singsong.
The album features a new, toughened up vocal version of the first single, latin drum n bass bomba Carne Negra which first appeared in 2008 receiving support from the likes of Gilles Peterson and Freddie Cruger amongst others. The new version features two of the UK’s finest latin MCs Magico & Flowrian(who also raise the temperature on the digi-reggaetonish cut ‘Electricidad’).
Elsewhere, erstwhile musical raconteur Earl Zinger (2 Banks of 4/Galliano etc) delivers a haunting lament over a dnb backdrop to the cursed inmates of the Freakshow, Brooklyn latin hip hop b-girl and actress La Bruja drops some Spanglish advice on Tu No Sabes Nada as reggaeton meets more familiar UK sounds. Stepping up from Colombia’s highly acclaimed Bomba Estereo is Li Saumet, whose distinctive voice graces the big band sounding cut of Dimelo Ya. Meanwhile Rubi Dan get all ragga over the baile funk bigness of Shape n Size.
Phuture Motion take a healthy dose of latin influence around the corner; ruff it up, shake it down and send it off in a new direction!

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