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PHILL MOST CHILL & KRASH SLAUGHTA: Definition Of Ill(Vinyl 7″)

Get your ass up and let’s get ill! Yep, that’s right it’s Krash Slaughta and Phill – more accurately, it’s Phill and Krash because it’s that way round on what you get for your cash. Actually, face it, you’ll pay by card, though you won’t be bothered as these rhymes go hard. And you know it ain’t just them fat rhymes either, KS got the beats to give you a fever. That’s Side One, Definition Of Ill, but you know there’s another on the other side still. I Ain’t Playin’ With Y’All is what that’s called, more premium hip-hop to keep you enthralled. Phill says the music inspired the lyrics – apt because the finished tracks inspired this critic. Peace, I’m out! And if you don’t get your skates on, stores will be out too – of stock that is because while this one comes in two different cover & label versions, it’s strictly limited and there will be no re-press. Don’t sleep peeps!
(Out 31 May HERE or HERE)

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