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PHILL MOST CHILL & DJAR ONE: Another Level (Vinyl 7″)

PHILL MOST CHILL & DJAR ONE: Another Level Hello, that’s what I’m talkin’ about, fast rap fire from Phill Most Chill and Djar One on new 45 Another Level. 130 bpm drum breaks? Check. Slick bars from our Phill? Check – “Can’t fix perfection/ The DJ kill those green lights just like a C-section”. He certainly does. Light-speed scratching? Check (Djar One – that’s your cue Holmes…there we go!). Bongos? Check. Kitchen sink? Alright, don’t take the piss. Right let’s see what’s on the flip – I Luv Those Girls? Still fast for hip-hop but sounds positively relaxed at 117 bpm after the A-side. Mind you, wham, bam, thank you maam, isn’t the way to win the ladies now, is it? B-boys and girls, on the other hand will be all over this in seconds – which explains why it’s already sold out at the Beats House bandcamp. Still – seek and ye shall find. It’s got an 18 December release date on Juno, for example…
(Out 14 December on Beats House Records)

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