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PHIBES: Ghetto Beats Vol. 1 (2015) + Free download ‘Funk Soul Brother’

Ghetto Beats Vol 1 PhibesThey might have arrived at the party later than some but Falmouth boys and full-time ghetto funk commandos Phibes are making up for lost time. Here they drag Alan Hawkshaw and Sam & Dave grinding and wobbling into the twenty-first century and just for good measure throw in a bit of Joe Budden. Ghetto Beats Vol. 1 (for this is where you’ll find such bass-heavy antics) thus finds label BBP restore the cosmic balance after two old school EPs from Mako & Mr Bristow and Morongroover by throwing a bone to the kids with these four rather large ghetto funk anthems and hinting at another with the old ‘Vol. 1’ tag in the title. The big teases. The humble Juno player, beckons below, one feels. Oh – and don’t forget to cop freebie ‘Funk Soul Brother’ which cuts up a certain Fatboy in no uncertain terms!
(Out 15 October on BBP)

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