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PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH: Exclusive UK show 2010

Two of the most respected names in hip-hop from back in the day hit UK shores this September to school (or rather re-school) everyone as to how it’s done. Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth (for it is they) will be supported by UK legend Jehst, 1Xtra’s DJ Sarah Love, DJ Matman and the whole damn thang is hosted by Big Ted – who’s obviously moved on a bit since Playschool. Ho, ho, ho. Also, there’s a possibility that monkeyboxing might be running a free entry comp for this towards the end of November so keep your eyes peeled innit! Press guff below links…

Pete Rock – Myspace
C.L. Smooth – Myspace

(PRESS RELEASE) Responsible for some of hip-hop’s finest moments, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth re-unite for a rare and exclusive London show:

HMV Forum London, Sunday 12th December 2010 – 7.00 pm – Tickets £18.50

Hailing from Mount Vernon, New York, they made their debut in the rap world in 1991. Pete Rock’s production acumen was highly praised alongside his partner in rhyme [C.L. Smooth] who possessed a distinctive flow matched with a perfect delivery. Classic songs such as ‘They Reminisce Over You’ (T.R.O.Y.), a tribute song packed with emotions that hasn’t been duplicated up to this day, showed the ‘conscious’ side of lyrical rhyme slayer C.L. Smooth. After successfully releasing three albums the soul-tight brothers departed ways leaving die-hard fans in a frenzy for the signature horn loops of Pete and the verbal play of the smooth one.

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